About the club




Our club was established about thirty-two years ago by a small group of photographers who were passionate about their hobby. Over the years the club has weathered many changes, most notably in the shift from film to digital photography. As technology advanced, new procedures and techniques used in the creation of photographic art were adopted with some wonderful and creative results.

What has not changed, however, is the passion for photography that still flourishes with today’s membership of about 40.   This enthusiastic group of photographers includes all levels of skill from beginner through professional. Their interests are diverse with all genres reflected in their images—portraiture, photo journalism, landscape, macro, black and white, abstract, and nature to name a few.

We have a packed programme during the season. In addition to our weekly meetings which includes skill nights, speakers and competitions, we also have monthly studio and audio visual groups, monthly outings and regular workshops with external professional photographers. 

Over the years the club has invited some big names in photography today, including Charlie Waite and Colin Prior to name just a few, which has put us on the map of being a thriving and passionate club.

We welcome new members and encourage those of you who may be interested in joining us to come to a meeting and learn first hand what we do, how we can support you to further develop your photography skills and meet like minded people in a warm and friendly environment. 

The club is managed by a small committee with input from members, many of whom volunteer their time in an enthusiastic and creative way. Without their continued support and commitment, we wouldn't be able to deliver the programme we offer.

We encourage your involvement, ideas and comments as we try to make the next season even better than the last and build upon our successes. 

It is a privilege to be president of this fantastic photography club and on behalf of the committee and myself, we look forward to welcoming you.