Audio Visual Group

Monthly group meetings


AV is a great way to present your pictures whether from a holiday, a project or as a way of providing instruction in a technique.

•A variety of software can be used.

•With dedicated software such as Pictures 2 Exe a basic show can be put together in minutes.

•Music and voice can be added to enhance the experience.

Each year we have produced one or more club AV projects.

An example will be running during the evening.

In recent years these have included:

•The River Tweed

•The Water of Leith

•The Borders Abbey Way

•The Botanics

•The Penicuik Estate

•This year’s projects are:

•The Glencorse Barracks

•The Museum of Flight.

Meeting activities could include:

•Review of progress on our projects

•Delegating tasks for members to complete towards the Club’s AV projects

•Viewing and providing feedback on a member’s personal project

•Providing one-to-one instruction in the use of software

•Planning interaction with other AV groups

•Planning our AV evening for BPCC and our joint evening with Musselburgh Camera Club.