Skills Group

Monthly group meetings


The Skills Group started life with a few of our members wishing to receive constructive criticism of their work that went beyond the, "Nice picture" type of comment; it was a successful but restricted format.

We now aim to improve our abilities by:

  • going on organised photography outings where we hope to learn new techniques, and improve on our existing ones, by working with and helping one another,

  • continuing with the original idea of making honest comments about each other's pictures which should provide topics for

  • evenings when we have fairly formal demonstrations of specific techniques followed by us practising the newly learnt skills under guidance.

Abilities within the group range from novice to expert with comments from all levels being appreciated, no one is too much of a beginner to have a valid opinion. It always was, and always will, remain fundamental to our group that all club members are welcome and we appreciate that even the best photographers all had to start at the beginning.

We plan to meet on a regular evening of each month (though this may have to change to fit people's availability), at 7:30 p.m. in (normally) G13; and where possible, we will meet a couple of weeks before the "hand-in" date for competitions. Our objectives are to improve the standard of photography within the club, and to improve our performances in club and interclub competitions; having said that, you don't have to be interested in the competitive side of the club's activities to be welcome as a useful member of the group.